Ita and Bowie wedding snapshots

I knew Bowie in junior high school period as Boy Scouts. He was from another school. We met at a camping activity or something—I don’t really remember. We met again few years later as we became classmates in high school. After high school, he went to a private Christian university not far from my university. I sometimes still visited him at home or campus. He sometimes still helped me dealing with computer hardwares.

I was surprised when he invited me to his wedding, since we had not been in touch with each other for some time. I also didn’t know he had a girlfriend. He asked me to photograph his wedding for his family. At first I said no, because I don’t usually shoot weddings. I finally said yes after he told me that I could shoot his wedding the way I like it—more free-style snapshots than bright and evenly-lit poses and portraits.

He surprised me again when he said it was not going to be in Yogyakarta, but in Purworejo, where his girlfriend is from, some 60 km west of Yogyakarta. He said we would go together by bus, while his family would go by car. So we went there a day before the wedding. I was then introduced to his girlfriend when they had a rehearsal at the church.

Here are some snapshots from Yohanita and Dewantoro Wibowo Mulyo’s wedding in Purworejo, Central Java, 29 August 2008.

01_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 02_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 03_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 04_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 05_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 06_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 07_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 08_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 09_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 10_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 11_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 12_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 13_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 14_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD 15_ItaBowie_Agt2008_BUD

Congratulations, Bowie and Ita! I am happy for you and wishing you both happiness and joy in life.

Photographs by Budi N.D. Dharmawan. ∎


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