Budi and Diana wedding snapshots

Budi (yep, we have same name) went to the same highschool as I did, but we didn’t meet at that time—I got in the year he graduated. We only met much later, just few years ago through some mutual friends. Budi is a photographer, like his father. He usually shoots weddings. When it came to his own wedding, he asked me to shoot. I told him I can shoot wedding, but not like other wedding photographers who use flashes and reflectors and all that, since I don’t usually do that. He said it was ok.

So here are some snapshots from Arnold Janssen Budi Wibowo and Diana Chialendra’s wedding in Yogyakarta, 23 May 2010.

DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_001 DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_002 DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_003 DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_004 DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_005 DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_006 DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_007 DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_008 DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_009 DianaBudi_May2010_BUD_010

Congratulations to Budi and Diana! May you live happily ever after.

Photographs by Budi N.D. Dharmawan. ∎


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