Gama and Senja wedding snapshots

My friend Gama got married last Sunday. I have known Gama, or we used to call him Boim, for almost ten years. I like to believe that we are good friends. We went to the same high school—he graduated a year before I got in though. We then also went to the same faculty in Gadjah Mada University, where he studied political studies and I enrolled in communications studies.

We had same interest back then in photography. We first met when our high school theatre group was performing. He came to photograph the performance with another friend. I also came to photograph. As a beginner, I asked him what ISO he was using. It was an awkward moment. He now works as a graphic designer.

On the other hand, I don’t know much about Senja, his wife. I think they met in Bandung where they took master degree in graphic design at Bandung Institute of Technology. Their wedding was kind of expected, but still we were all surprised when we finally received the invitation. They designed it themselves in a retro-classic style—we really love it.

Here are some snapshots from Gamaliel W. Budiharga and Senja Aprela Agustin’s wedding in Yogyakarta, 3 June 2012. Wish you live happily ever after, Gama and Senja!

01_GamaSenja_3Jun2012_BUD 02_GamaSenja_3Jun2012_BUD 03_GamaSenja_3Jun2012_BUD 04_GamaSenja_3Jun2012_BUD 05_GamaSenja_3Jun2012_BUD 06_GamaSenja_3Jun2012_BUD 07_GamaSenja_3Jun2012_BUD 08_GamaSenja_3Jun2012_BUD 09_GamaSenja_3Jun2012_BUD

Photographs by Budi Dharmawan ∎


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