Stolen, my camera

I lost my camera last week. Such a terrible loss as it is my only working camera.

It was Friday, 3 August, around 11.20. I went to Cemeti Art House as I have always been going to the past few weeks, as I am assisting its writing and curatorial residency programme. I put my bags on the bench in the guest hall before I went to the office (which is only a few steps away) to meet the curator in residency. In the guest hall, there were the writer in residency facing her laptop and a Cemeti staff meeting a guest. I came out of the office five minutes later, and found the bench was already empty. Yep, stolen.

I tried to chase after whoever grabbed my bags, along with the writer in residency and a Cemeti staff, while the curator in residency waited at Cemeti with another staff. No result. So we went to the a police precinct nearby to file a report about the event. They asked us questions about how it happened, what were lost, and all that which took a few hours. During the questioning, I was told later, some other officers went to Cemeti to see the crime scene and interrogate the people there, or technically the witnesses.

Things I lost (as far as I remember):

  • Nikon D700 camera body serial number 2014043
  • Nikon AF 35mm f/2 D lens serial number 601057 + Japan made UV filter
  • Western Digital My Passport Essential black portable hard drive 500 GB serial number WX60AA9E6905 (password protected)
  • Several SanDisk CompactFlash memory cards (one 8 GB, three 4 GB, three 2 GB) kept in a LowePro CF wallet
  • Two Nikon EN-EL3e batteries (one in camera, one spare)
  • Nikon camera battery charger + power cable
  • Nokia phone battery charger
  • Lenox card reader + USB cable
  • SanDisk Cruzer slide USB flash drive 8 GB
  • Small Victorinox swiss army knife
  • Will Steacy’s book Photographs Not Taken published by Daylight, with my name and signature on the first page
  • Stephen Bull’s book Photography published by Routledge, with my name and signature on the first page
  • Black canvas sling camera bag, in which I put camera, lens, memory cards, spare batts, notebook, wallet, etc.
  • Black nylon sling bag, in which I put books, portable hard drive, Nikon charger, card reader, etc.
  • Three-year-old Cambodian krama, a gift from a Vietnamese friend
  • and some other small stuffs

Initially I also lost a grey suede hand-made wallet, in which I had cash in different currencies worth about US$100, two ATM cards, ID card, driving license, hospital registration card, etc. but it was found by locals not far from Cemeti Art House. Apparently the thief had time to check what he/she got and decided to leave what he/she thought could not be sold. All cards still in the wallet, but the cash was gone. Also found were my notebook and my passport. Luckily I put my phone number on my notebook, so the finders could call me to return what they found.

If you find or get offered any of the above, kindly drop me a line and let me know. If you hear anything about those things, please help me keep track of my stolen belongings. I thank all friends who gave supports and offered to help. I wish such misfortune and loss will never happen to you. ∎


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