Ina and Fakih wedding snapshots

I attended friends’ wedding last Sunday: Ina and Fakih. Years ago, we all went to the same junior high school—my class was next to Fakih’s class and Ina was our junior. Ina and Fakih then went to the same high school, while I was accepted at a Catholic missionary high school. I met Ina again when we both studied communications at Gadjah Mada University.

These are some snapshots I took at Ina Ratriyana and Fakih Rahman’s wedding in Yogyakarta, 9 September 2012.

01_InaFakih_9Sep2012_BUD 02_InaFakih_9Sep2012_BUD 03_InaFakih_9Sep2012_BUD 04_InaFakih_9Sep2012_BUD 05_InaFakih_9Sep2012_BUD 06_InaFakih_9Sep2012_BUD 07_InaFakih_9Sep2012_BUD

I am happy for you and I hope happiness and joy fulfill your marriage, Ina and Fakih!

Photographs by Budi N.D. Dharmawan ∎


2 thoughts on “Ina and Fakih wedding snapshots

  1. Koh budiii…makasih bgt udh share foto2nya..cantiiik bgt, very happy to see you there…thanks a lot yah…

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