Damar and Arief wedding snapshots

I attended Damar and Arief’s wedding last week in Karanganyar, Central Java. Damar was my first friend in university. As new students, we were in the same group during campus orientation. And we became good friends since then. When I went to Karanganyar to photograph the funeral of former President Suharto in 2008, I called her, asking her to guide me. I stayed at her house for a few days. After graduated from university, she went to work for a bank in Batam Island, but have recently been transfered to Surabaya.

Arief, her husband, was also from our university but from different faculty. He was a photographer for our university newspaper, as far as I remember. I had known him some years ago but don’t really remember how or when—and I don’t think Arief remembers either. Anyway, here are some snapshots I took from the wedding.

BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-01 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-02 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-03 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-04 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-05 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-06 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-07 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-08 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-09 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-10 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-11 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-12 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-13 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-14 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-15 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-16 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-17 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-18 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-19 BUDI2013-DamarAriefWedding-20

May you two live happily ever after, Damar and Arief!

Photographs by Budi N.D. Dharmawan ∎


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