“Eye to Eye” exhibition at Lir Shop, Yogyakarta


I am currently having a mini show, a tandem exhibition with a good friend of mine Kurniadi Widodo. We call the exhibition “Eye to Eye: Photographs by Kurniadi Widodo and Budi N.D. Dharmawan.” The exhibition is at Lir Shop, Jl. Anggrek I/33, Baciro, Yogyakarta.

In the exhibition, we put up a selection of our snapshots from the past few years, from around Yogyakarta and other places we passed and moments we encountered. Wid presents 48 black-and-white photographs and I 52 colour photographs, so 100 photographs in all.

It is a rather small selection since I and Wid almost always bring our cameras everywhere and shoot anything. We present our photographs in 5×7″ prints technically due to the smallish space. There is no opening, and the exhibition is on until God knows when (few weeks for sure). So please do come and visit if you are around. ∎


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