Mira and Dito wedding snapshots

When Dito told me he already proposed Mira, it was not really a surprise as their marriage was kind of expected, but it still surprised me as I didn’t think it would be this soon. Well ‘soon’ maybe is not the right word as Mira and Dito have been seeing each other since… well… uhmmm… at least 2005. Maybe longer. But still, I didn’t think it would be this soon.

I attended their wedding not as a photographer, but as always I couldn’t hold not to take pictures. So I became their unofficial wedding photographer (and at some point I also became Mira’s unofficial bestman, unofficial fake nail guy, and unofficial videographer as well). Here are some snapshots I took from the wedding.

BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-01 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-02 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-03 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-04 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-05 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-06 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-07 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-08 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-09 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-10 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-11 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-12 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-13 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-14 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-15 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-16 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-17 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-18 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-19 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-20 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-21 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-22 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-23 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-24 BUDI-DitoMiraWedding-May2013-25

Congratulations for your wedding, Mira Asriningtyas and Dito Yuwono, may you two live happily ever after.

Photographs by Budi N.D. Dharmawan ∎


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