Folk Afternoon on the rooftop, Sep 2013

We sang while the mountains listened. We were on a rooftop while the mountaintops were hidden by the clouds. Chill breeze stroked our hair as warm sunshine caressed our faces. We were strangers yet we were close. First we didn’t want to come but later we refused to leave. We saw the lights went down at the end of the scene—and a picture was made.

BUDI-SundayAfternoon2013-01 BUDI-SundayAfternoon2013-02 BUDI-SundayAfternoon2013-03 BUDI-SundayAfternoon2013-04 BUDI-SundayAfternoon2013-05 BUDI-SundayAfternoon2013-06 BUDI-SundayAfternoon2013-07 BUDI-SundayAfternoon2013-08

Photographs by Budi N.D. Dharmawan © 2013 ∎


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