Spotted by a local photographer


What are the odds: I was spotted by a local photographer.

I found this photo at my friend Mira’s place in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta, when I visited earlier this month. That is me on the right-hand side, wearing brown t-shirt and black jacket and holding a camera. It was at Merapi volcano offering ceremony (Labuhan procession), commemorating the Sultan of Yogyakarta’s birthday in June. It was taken by a local photographer.

The local photographer, Pak Dasri, Mira told me, was her late father’s hiking companion. He knows the mountain well. Pak Dasri works as a photographer around the Kaliurang Park, but now he mostly lends torch lights to visitors at nearby abandoned Japanese cave tunnel (Goa Jepang). Nobody needs photographers anymore, he said, people take their own pictures with their cameras or phones. But people visiting Goa Jepang usually don’t bring their own torch lights.

I would love to meet the man again!

Thank you Pak Dasri for this snap of me! ∎


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