Grandmother’s passing

Grandmother did not join us for 2014 Chinese new year’s eve dinner. She did not feel like eating. The next day she was hospitalised.

On 5 Feb, we were told that she had passed away. Aunty was there with her two sons. I and father quickly went to the hospital. We contacted other family members in Jakarta, Batam, and Bengkulu.

Aunty said that grandmother’s sister told her not to bury grandmother’s body but to cremate the body instead. The cremation took place on 7 Feb, and on 9 Feb we took her ashes to the sea.

Grandmother was born 85 years ago. In the past few years, she lived with aunty in Yogyakarta. Until we delivered her ashes to the sea, we had not told grandfather about her passing.

BudiGrandmother01 BudiGrandmother02 BudiGrandmother03 BudiGrandmother04 BudiGrandmother05 BudiGrandmother07 BudiGrandmother06

Farewell grandmother. See you on the other side. Someday.

Photographs by Budi N.D. Dharmawan © 2014


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