Photo editor for “Bertukar Tangkap Dengan Lepas”


Teater Garasi is 20 years old now. To commemorate their anniversary, the performance artist collective is publishing two books: a collection of essay and a photo book. I was invited to be the editor for the photo book.

The concept for the book was developed with timeline and periodisation as its backbone. For months, I looked through their 20 years’ worth of photo archive—of almost each and all of their performances. Many of these photos were pre-digital, so they had also been very busy digitizing the analogue films and prints, for the sake of archiving, editing, as well as publishing the book.

The members of the collective are mostly my seniors from university, as Teater Garasi had originated from our campus, until they decided to become independent. So it was really an honour to get such an invitation, to work with my seniors.

I have been quite familiar with their works since high school—back then as a photography club member, I used to hang out with the school theatre club members. I also have photographed some of their performances myself, which are not in the book (because my photographs are not in their archive).

The book, titled Bertukar Tangkap Dengan Lepas: Sesilangan & Lintasan 20 Tahun Teater Garasi dalam Foto, has just been published and fairly priced at IDR 225,000. ❚


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