Yudi Ahmad Tajudin read poems at Garasi

I attended Garasi Performance Institute’s (Teater Garasi) new studio open house the other day, 30 Jan 2015. The event was started in the afternoon with a discussion and book launching (Bertukar Tangkap dengan Lepas [1] [2]) marking their 20th anniversary—it was formed in December 1993. At night, they invited a theater group from Solo, Sahita, and a local folk band, Sungai, to perform. The night was casual with drinks and snacks and talks. Yennu Ariendra kept the music playing while Erson Padapiran played his trumpet. Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, Garasi’s general director, suddenly took the stage and read poems.

_DSF6618 _DSF6628 _DSF6630 _DSF6633 _DSF6639 _DSF6646 _DSF6657 _DSF6667 _DSF6671 _DSF6674 _DSF6679

Photographs by Budi N.D. Dharmawan ❚


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