Yani and Suryadi pre-wedding photos and wedding snapshots

My younger brother Suryadi has just got married. He is the third son, yet the first to get married. He married his schoolmate from junior high school Yani—they have known each other since then but only started seeing each other since school reunion three years ago. They both work in Jakarta, but both families are in Yogyakarta, our houses are not very far from each other. Our parents’ history helped bring our families together: Yani’s father and our mother were schoolmates back in Kutoarjo, C. Java.

The couple asked me to take additional casual pre-wedding photos of them last month, 26 January 2017. I also decided to take more additional casual photos when they tied the knot last weekend, 18 February 2017. Congratulations, brother! May you two live happily ever after. God bless!


Photographs by Budi N.D. Dharmawan © 2017 ∎